10 Skateboard Tricks for Beginners



Learning how to skate is not easy, but having a list of skateboard tricks that you can learn will make it much easier.  Before you starting looking at advanced techniques, you must master the basics.

These are the foundation for you to be motivated and to go on to learn new tricks.  Keep reading for our guide to 10 skateboard tricks for people new to skateboarding.

When you first begin skating, the only things that you need to learn is how to get on and off your board, perfect your stance, and stay balanced while you are moving.  After this, it’s time to learn the basic tricks.


1. Ollie

An ollie is one of the most basic and easy tricks that you can learn on a skateboard.  It is so basic that you can do it with any skateboard that you buy from a skateboard shop.

The key to ollieing is to make sure that the skateboard stays with you while you jump.  Try crouching your knees and then snapping the board tail, then lift the board up with your front foot.


2. Nollie

A nollie is similar to an ollie, but the nollie requires popping the board’s nose rather than the tail.  They both use the same principle, which means that it is much easier for you to learn how to nollie once you are able to ollie

To practice a nollie, put your feet on the nose and middle of your board.  Crouch down and then jump up, and snap your board nose off the ground with your front foot.

Doing a nollie might be a little trickier than an ollie as it involves popping the board with your less-dominant foot.  This means that you might not be able to get as high with a nollie as when you ollie.


3. Pop shuvit

As with a nollie, a pop shuvit is also a type of ollie, which is combined with horizontally flipping your board around in 180 degrees.  The nose of the board turns in a half circle and becomes the tail.  To do a pop shuvit, your back foot is not in the same position as an ollie.  Your toes are in the pocket of the tail of the board, so that they are almost on the edge.

It is easier for you to make a backward scoop while in this post, rotating the board around 180 degrees.  While you are doing this, your front foot remains in the same unchanged, like with ollie.  Just lift the board up while you are jumping.

You can also attempt a front-side shuvit, which means that you turn in the other direction while you scoop your back foot forward.  Let your back foot do the work, or your board will flip over easily.


4. Frontside 180

If you are confident doing an ollie and a pop shuvit, it’s time to try a front-side 180.  It is an ollie mixed with a 180 turn.  You may have seen this trick in a skate DVD bought from online skate shops or a skateboard shop.

Frontside refers to the direction the board rotates, while 180 is the amount of degrees that you turn.  Frontside is counter-clockwise for regular stance and clockwise for goofy stances.

Start with the same position as when you do an ollie, and you will get the movement needed to make a 180 turn with your shoulders.  Crouch down like when you ollie, then turn your body and shoulders back.

Your shoulders play a crucial role in getting a good spin, as they determine which way you will be spinning.  Don’t hesitate to turn them back when you take off.


5. Backside 180

This trick is similar to the front-side 180, apart from the direction that you spin in.  While the front-side 180 means that you spin backwards, you must spin forwards when doing a backside 180.  The backside 180 is not difficult though, and is one of the easiest tricks that you can learn as a beginner.

Pop your board tail off the ground, then turn your shoulders in the direction of your chest while you are preparing to jump.  Pay attention to your timing, which is vital for this trick.

With these frontside and backside 180 tricks, you may land either switch or fakie.  The switch is when you move forwards with your non-dominant foot, and the fakie means backward rolling.

Whether you buy your board from a skateboard shop or any of the online skate shops, just remember to keep practicing and you will be able to achieve your goal of being an awesome skater!